Our Produce

The proof is in
the produce

At Crisply, we know that we don’t just use our taste buds when we eat—we use all five of our senses. That’s why we grow a vibrant and aromatic array of herbs and greens bursting with color, flavor, and texture to brighten your plate and your day. From bold basil, to sweet spearmint, to our culinary- inspired salad blends, with Crisply you can banish boring, sad salads and rev up your recipes in a tasty and healthy way.

Spring Greens

A vibrant medley of fresh lettuces

The classic spring mix salad blend gets a fresh dose of flavor from our hearty-yet-tender spring greens. Its versatile taste makes it the perfect salad base to pair with an endless variety of toppings and dressings.

Sweet Greens

Mixed greens with a hint of sweetness from fresh stevia

Shake things up with our unique Sweet Greens, the only salad blend to pair crisp lettuces with fresh stevia leaves for a touch of natural sweetness. Try it topped with fresh fruit, nuts and a light vinaigrette for the perfect Summer Salad to enjoy year-round.

Spicy Greens

Zesty blend of mustard greens and fresh lettuces

Spice things up with our peppery salad blend that has a hint of heat from mustard greens. Try it as a base for a savory salad with a Dijon vinaigrette, sauté and serve as a side dish, or throw in an Asian stir fry with veggies and protein.

Smart Greens

A wholesome blend of nutritious leafy dark greens